Singing Science For Schools

Singing Science is an edutainment project that offers a memorable and refreshing way to present scientific ideas to those in schools.

Rishi presenting a genes and evolution session to Year 5 and 6 students in the classroom

At the moment offerings are in the area of genomics, with different types of interaction for different Key Stage groups. These are detailed on this page, but customisation is available as well. Please contact us for more details using the Contact Page.

By Project

Genomics! The Musical! for Schools

This full stage show covers evolution, inheritance, genes and how they work, and the role of genes and variants in evolution.

Curriculum Modules Covered

Key Stage 3: Genetics & Evolution

Key Stage 4: Evolution, inheritance and variation

Intended Audience: 12-18 yo, in classroom or auditorium

Backline Requirements: Video: Screen for display from laptop, Audio: Playback from laptop, Microphone for vocals. Some audio equipment can be brought with me, please contact to discuss your setup.

Time to allow: 1 hour approx for show + some questions + setup/takedown

Inheritance & Genes

This classroom themed show is targeted at the Year 5/6 KS2 requirements, related to evolution, inheritance, and the role of genes in each. The session includes acoustic song performances on Mendel and Evolution. A take-home activity sheet is provided.

Curriculum Modules Covered

Key Stage 2: Evolution & Inheritance, Classification

Intended Audience: 9-11 yo in classroom

Backline Requirements

Video: Screen for display from laptop (HDMI input)

Audio: For classroom/small hall size events, this can be done acoustically. Otherwise for multiple classrooms I can provide Amplification, including a Microphone (+stand) for vocals. If an existing AV setup is provided that can also be used.

Time to allow: 40min (may vary with activity time allowed) + 5min setup/takedown


Shows are typically performed at cost to state sector schools, £20 is typical price in and around Cambridge. For London schools this will be £60.

For fee-paying schools a single session is £200.

Please contact us for more details using the Contact Page.

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