Naked Mole Rat – Video

I came across the Naked Mole Rat for the first time when doing the gene annotation on it for the Ensembl project. Gene annotation is where the DNA of a species is examined to say what genes and other interesting features are on it and where they are located.

While doing this I learned that the Naked Mole Rat is a remarkable creature just full of little curiosities and amazing behaviours that are unique to it. Some of these are just amazing facts, though some times qualifications are needed and in the modern age there is a danger of some myths starting to creep in! There is a review of Naked Mole Rat biology which should provide a good starting point for anyone setting out to learn more – it makes a good read while/after listening to the song and watching the video below!

Naked Mole Rat – a Singing Science music video

The song lyrics stand up I think to the myths study! The song lyrics are available (together with the song and Genomics! The Musical! album) at Naked Mole Rat | Singing Science (

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