You Must Be Mendel – Video

This is one of the first songs I wrote with a science theme – maybe even the second. Mulling over a Geekpop virtual festival that was being run, inspiration hit as I was heading down to the Co-op to buy something. The idea popped into my head and it was pretty much all written down half an hour after I’d returned with whatever confectionary item (I assume it was a confectionary item) I had purchased. Maybe milk as well.

This has become a cornerstone of the Singing Science project, having won a most contrived lyric award, and having being performed live on BBC Radio 3 amongst other places. It also became a jumping off point for Genomics! The Musical! to take form, so I am grateful to Hayley who then ran Geekpop for putting things in motion.

The visuals for this video were a collaboration with Miss Roberts, who has done a fantastic job, and funding for making it happen was provided by the Wellcome Genome Campus public engagement fund.

Thanks all of you, and thank you for listening and watching!

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