Lamprey For Your Life

After I heard about the Eurofishion competition set up to mark World Fish Migration day in October this year, I w Eventually inspiration came from my time working on the Ensembl Genome Browser – the version at the time annotated each species with a sound, and one of my colleagues was excited by the ‘Rasp!, Rasp!’ sound effect attributed to it in the browser, as well as the interesting genomic behaviour it exhibited. There is some info on that down below.

Before you read about it why not pop over to the Eurofishion site, check the song out, and hopefully give it a positive vote! There are some really amazing videos there from other participants so have a browse of those as well.

The lamprey, sometimes known as the vampire fish, is famous for sticking themselves to the side to, and sucking the blood of trouts. They are also really interesting genomically as they have all sorts of weirdness going on – high GC content, repeats, and the Northern lampreys have the highest number of chromosomes (164–174) among vertebrates. Most unusual of all they re-arrange their genomes in development!

Music & Lyrics by Rishi Nag 2020

Video Credits:

Animation by Miss Roberts

Stills: courtesy of Tiit Hunt,  Drow male,  and

Sweeting, Roger [Photographer] (2016) Freshwater Biological Association, UK for Sea lamprey parasitising brown trout under CC BY-SA 3.0

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