Just What is Genomics! The Musical!?!!

Genomics! The Musical! is a one person show where the fundamentals of genes and our DNA are explained using a series of ‘musical mini-lectures’. Ideas are introduced with words, and then developed on with catchy songs performed with a video backdrop providing further insights into the science of what makes us us. All done with a light touch of humour to provide an ideal family edutainment show!

Themes cover Mendel’s pea plant experiments, the gene-RNA-protein relationship, variation and the phylogenetic tree. The Mendel song is the proud winner of the Geekpop most contrived lyric award.

The show can be tailored to child/teen or adult audiences, and can be performed in halls, schools, pubs and festival tents. In fact, anywhere with a sound system and a projector! Running time is around 55-75 minutes depending on the nature of the show.

If you would like to book a show please contact singingscience@outlook.com. See Singing Science for Schools for more information about what is offered and how to request a session.

Many thanks go to the collaborators who work with making the music and videos that make this show such a success, and the Wellcome Trust Public Engagement Team for guidance and initial funding for the project.

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