Just What is Genomics! The Musical!?!!

Genomics! The Musical! is a one person show where the fundamentals of genes and our DNA are explained using a series of ‘musical mini-lectures’. Ideas are introduced with words, and then developed on with catchy songs performed with a video backdrop providing further insights into the science of what makes us us. All done with a light touch of humour to provide an ideal family edutainment show!

Themes cover Mendel’s pea plant experiments, the gene-RNA-protein relationship, variation and the phylogenetic tree. The Mendel song is the proud winner of the Geekpop most contrived lyric award.

The show can be tailored to child/teen or adult audiences, and can be performed in halls, schools, pubs and festival tents. In fact, anywhere with a sound system and a projector! Running time is around 45 minutes,

If you would like to book a show please contact singingscience@outlook.com for more information.

Many thanks go to the collaborators who work with making the music and videos that make this show such a success, and the Wellcome Trust Public Engagement Team for guidance and initial funding for the project.

Giant Leaps

The Giant Leaps album cover – artwork by Matloob

The first album of sciency music – under the guise of Professor Karmadillo – is available online at Bandcamp and other e-music retailers!

A diverse track listing covers the beginning of the universe, genetics and the movement of molecules in air.

released February 29, 2012 

Songs written by Professor Karmadillo. Mostly Performed by Professor Karmadillo and Ben Garnett (The Organ Grinders Monkey) with additional contributions from Guy Avern, Kate Fleet and Jon Craven.